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Teaching children successfully in the classroom is largely based on effective teaching methods. Of course language learning should be fun for children, but the primary objective should be to make the child learn to speak.

Psychologists believe that the things learned at a young age will stick with the person throughout his life. But it’s within the nature of a child’s memory that the child learns only what he listens and repeats numerous times.

While many language courses for children provide attractive games, songs, activities etc., the impact on how much of the language the child can use is often disappointing.

We believe this is due to the fact that children always learn with relative ease, but tend to ‘throw out’ any information which can’t be practically used in their lives.

Our teachers use techniques which help children retain useful information and strengthen understanding. Our method is based on modeling, explaining, demonstrating, collaborating and questioning. Our method provides the same amounts of enjoyment through games as other children’s courses do, but every utterance and sentence can and will be used in everyday situations like asking a question, expressing an idea or solving a problem.


Through tasking and games we focus on teaching children expressions, words, and phrases which can be used in everyday situations. We introduce target language and, by using it regularly, it will become more familiar and easier for the child to use. From these new expressions and phrases we introduce common sentence constructions and allow the child to effectively construct new sentences in order to Ask questions, express themselves or complete a task given. All our courses consist of one to one lessons or small groups to ensure that each student receives an adequate amount of attention and maximize their opportunity to speak.




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