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Business English

This course is specifically designed to help students get ahead fast with their business English vocabulary and skills. It gives students the opportunity to practice speaking and grammar in business contexts. The courses are conducted by teachers who come from a business background. They use a wide range of up to date business contexts, authentic materials from real businesses to give students a real hands-on Knowledge of Business.


We also provide courses to prepare students for a Globally recognized certificate in Business called the BEC (Business English Cambridge). This exam can be taken at three levels:

  • advanced,
  • vantage,
  • preliminary.

It consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking parts and covers many day to day business topics. This qualification can improve a person's position on the job market.

Professional Specialisation

Students can take courses which provide an indepth study of their particular professional or business skill. They can quickly learn specialist language so they can use this language straight away in their work environment. They can familiarise themselves with the particular type of jargon used by their counterparts in English speaking countries. The material used throughout this course comes from real professional situations.

Some of the more popular courses include:

  • Insurance English
  • Sales & purchasing English
  • Financial English
  • Human Recourses English
  • Legal English
  • Accountancy English
  • Marketing & Advertising English
  • Costumer Care English
  • Automotive Industry English
  • Engineering English
  • Energy Industry English
  • Aviation Industry English
  • Telecommunications Industry English
  • Logistics English
  • Computing & IT English
  • Skills in English (Telephoning, Emailing, Presentations, Meetings)



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